5 Best Vacations to spend vacations in Europe

5 Best Vacations Location in Europe

Best Vacations are not a month in a single/same location? Do you prefer to reside in a single city rather than a single country?

That’s a difficult one. There’s so much to see in Europe that I’d be hopping from one location to the next.

I suppose I’d recommend Italy to a first-time visitor. Italy is a country rich in culture and history. You could travel to other cities from Rome, such as Florence, but staying on such a tight schedule would be challenging. It would probably be preferable if you could spend the night in one of the surrounding cities.

Having said that, I would advise you to take a multi-country tour if at all possible to get the best vacation to spend in Europe.

 there’s no point in mentioning the classical tourist locations: UK, France, Greece, Czechia, Italy, Switzerland, we all know them.
But there are some countries on the rise you wouldn’t necessarily put on your list:


where the North, the East and the Central European cultures meet. You can get a bit of everything of these three, with more than faire prices, safety and excellent Services.

Georgia (the country):

on the Eastern edge of Europe, in the heart of the Caucasus mountains, you would find Europes oldest culture: these guys were already there when the Greeks were yet just savage barbarians. The motherland of wine, the second Christian country of the World (after their neighbour, Armenia, and before the Roman Empire). These people are warm hearted, welcoming, modest. Facilities are improving (maybe not as developed as in countries with more money), and prices are really fair. A little bit of Russian helps in communication, but one can also survive with English.
They have one of the highest peaks of Europe, but also a coast – and what also makes them unique, they have the only rainforest of Europe. They also have the most liberal immigration law, and one of the lowest crime rate.


a country that is at the heart of Europe, linguistically different from their neighbours, but very similar in culture: sharing the culture with German speaking people, Western Slavs and the Balkans, alike to Estonia, a spot where you would find a bit of everything surrounding them. Prices are going up, but still moderate comparing to Western Europe.


an excellent spot for beachgoers: temperate climate, gold colour sand beaches, all services available one may wish, excellent wines and a lot to see. All that with fair prices.


one of the most expensive holiday spots of the world would provide you with breathtaking views and a culture of people still living in harmony with the nature. If you have the money, it’s worth the price.


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