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Survey says about International Travel in 2022

The findings from a new study support the real-world evidence that international travel is headed for a full recovery in 2022, and even suggest that it will surpass pre-pandemic levels.

Global insurance and assistance services company International Medical Group (IMG) has just released the results of its ‘2022 Travel Outlook Survey’, in which it evaluated the upcoming travel plans and overall sentiments of customers who had previously traveled internationally.

The results revealed that a whopping 96 percent of participants are planning to travel overseas in 2022, representing an 11 percent increase over pre-pandemic levels for international travel.

“It is clear that people are feeling more comfortable traveling abroad and are ready to take the international trips they have had to delay over the last couple of years,” said IMG’s Chief Commercial Officer, Amanda Winkle. “At IMG, we’re well-positioned to meet this rising demand for international travel with industry-leading insurance products that protect travelers from the unexpected.”

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