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5 Reasons to Make Turkey Your Next Vacation Destination

There are numerous reasons to visit Turkey, including magnificent beauty, rich history, exquisite architecture, lovely people, and some of Europe’s best shopping.

It’s impossible to describe all of the reasons why I fell in love with Turkey. Here are just a few of the many reasons why Turkey should be your next vacation destination.

The Best Things to do in Turkey

  1. Scenic Hot Air Balloon Flights

The hot air balloons of Cappadocia are unlike anything else in the world, whether you’re viewing from the ground or standing in a basket high above the ground. Just before sunrise, hundreds of colorful balloons soar to the sky. They soar above the honeycombed cave homes and plunge deep into the deep valleys.

  1. Gorgeous Cave Hotels

While a hot air balloon trip is a must-do in Cappadocia, it is far from the only attraction worth seeing. Beautiful hotels built into ancient cave dwellings have preserved much of the cave’s physical structure while adding modern luxury.

  1. Scrumptious Breakfast

The “village meal,” a traditional Turkish breakfast, is an extravagant buffet that will satisfy even the pickiest diners. It offers a varied choice of local delicacies, including freshly baked bread and pastries, homemade jellies, thick honey, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, traditionally prepared eggs, and a variety of other goodies. Make sure you don’t sleep through it because most hotels have their own version of the specialty.

  1. Pristine Beaches

Turkey has a 7,200-kilometer coastline with clean sandy beaches, tranquil harbours ideal for a boat trip, and breathtaking sea vistas. In seaside towns like Antalya and Kas, you may find charming main squares and historic old cities. Beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water are just a short drive (or walk) away.

  1. Endearing People

Turkey is, quite literally, the center of the universe. It sits at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, with a varied range of nationalities and religions, as well as conservative and progressive viewpoints. In a country that is so reliant on tourism, it’s remarkable that the people are still so welcoming, open, and eager to meet new people. You’ll meet kind people that are really curious to learn more about you. It is extremely unlikely that you would ever feel uncomfortable in Turkey.

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