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What are the 10 Most Visited Countries in the World?

You may be wondering what the most visited country in the world is in light of the great travel stories that international visitors and travel bloggers post on social media. Which breathtaking landscapes are necessary to see? Where do we place the next flag on the globe? Which places are the most popular for travel?
The annual highlights report from the World Tourism Organization shows that there has been a 7% increase in foreign visitor visits over the previous ten years. The majority of the 1,326 million people are in Europe (51%), followed by Asia and the Pacific (24%). The peak amount of money made from tourism was $1,340 billion, split between the economies of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World
You need go no farther than the following nations if you want to refresh your bucket list of places to visit. Jump between these lily pads with unique terrains and fascinating histories to make the most of your next holiday days.

1. France: 89 Million Visitors
2. Spain: 84 Million Visitors
3. United States: 79 Million Visitors
4. China: 66 Million Visitors
5. Italy: 65 Million Visitors
6. Turkey: 51 Million Visitors
7. Mexico: 45 Million Visitors
8. Thailand: 39.7 Million Visitors
9. Germany: 39.5 Million Visitors
10. United Kingdom: 36 Million Visitors

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