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How much does an Australian trip cost?

When they arrive in Australia, everyone experiences sticker shock. Their mouths drop when they learn how much goods cost. Even Australians, who reside there, experience sticker shock. Because no one anticipates the country to be as expensive as it is, visitors rapidly exhaust their budget.
However, I spent $3,400 USD in 33 days on my most recent vacation to Australia. All of my daily costs, travel, trips, and purchases are included in this total. It cost about $100 USD each day on average, but it would have been much more if I hadn’t been able to stay with friends and obtain deals on excursions. I spent a lot of money eating at pricey restaurants, travelling by plane, and using the Internet on my phone. I would have spent roughly $150 USD per day if it weren’t for my buddies and the savings I was able to get.

Here is a breakdown of my spending, usual expenses, and ways you might save money while visiting.

Hostels: In smaller cities, hostels cost between 15-20 AUD ($12–15 USD) and in larger cities, like Sydney or Melbourne, between 20–40 AUD ($15–30 USD) per night. The cost always increases with the size of the dorm. Private rooms cost between 80 and 110 AUD ($62 and 85 USD) per night.

Food: A typical Australian supper will cost you around 20 AUD ($15 USD). A satisfying supper will cost you roughly 45 AUD ($35 USD) at a reputable restaurant. Even McDonald’s is pricey; a value meal costs roughly $9 USD or 12 AUD.

Drinking: They make it exceedingly difficult to accomplish for a nation of drinkers. Beers typically cost $9 AUD ($7 USD). Drink specials are frequently offered at happy hours and bars for travellers for about 50% off.

Tours: A multi-day tour will typically cost between 400 and 540 AUD ($308 to $416 USD). The majority of day trips cost between 50 and 300 AUD ($39 and 231).
Transport: If you seek long and hard enough, you may discover affordable transportation in Australia. Greyhound provides a variety of affordable passes that last between 15 and 365 days. For the 15-day pass, budget 329 AUD ($254 USD), the 30-day pass, 399 AUD ($308 USD), and the 60-day pass, 449 AUD ($346 USD).

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