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Which is the cheapest country to visit?

Having the travel bug is a wonderful sensation, but it can also be expensive. Many people have fantasies about traveling the world. Unfortunately, because travel is always thought to be expensive, they can be discouraged from making it a reality. How do you travel the world on a budget without blowing it?
Is it possible to travel on a budget? Travelling on a budget might be quite difficult. If you’re wanting to travel on a tight budget this is the cheapest country to travel from Pakistan.
Thailand is a well-known travel destination; there aren’t many nations that can compare to Thailand in terms of tourist attractions. If you’re looking for a cheap destination to visit from Pakistan, this is the place to go!
How to get there: A round-trip ticket from Pakistan to Thailand costs roughly PKR 65,000.
Where to stay: A nice hotel will run you about PKR 3,000 per night.
Local shopping, a tour of a floating market, an elephant safari, and medical tourism are all options.
Bangkok, Phuket, Santikhiri, and Taruto are the places to see.
Recommended Time Frame: A week would be ideal!
Travellers from Pakistan who are completely immunised are now being welcomed to Thailand’s tropical havens after months of stringent restrictions and border closures, and they are even permitted to skip quarantine. Under social distance and capacity restrictions, non-essential companies and attractions are open in low-risk zones.

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